Photography came to my life in 2015.Since then i started to experiment with different types of photography.Architecture Photography,Photojournalism,Wild Life Photography,Travel Photography and Landscape Photography are some of my usual categories.Travel agencies,construction companies,web magazines,restaurants,single individuals are among my clients.

Exhibitions – Projects

  • 2019-2020 «T-Project» (a 10 months photo journey at Tzoumerka/Ipirus)
  • 2021 «Telia» (photography exhibition at Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki for the womens day and abussed women)
  • 2021 «Sinikia ton Eksochon» (photography exhibition of Interior Architecture at Thessaloniki City Hall,of 10 historical buildings at Vas.Olgas street of Thessaloniki)
  • 2021 «Ktiria Entos» (Interior Architecture Photography of 30 important buildings of Thessaloniki/ web magazine )
  • 2021-2022 «ThessAnimals» (an effort to record the animal species who live in Thessaloniki’s forests / web magazine,photography exhibitions,students presentations)