Who I am?

A little bit about me

My name is Marios Dadoudis. I am just a traveler, a simple observer, a lover of nature and people. My goal is to share moments and stories solely through photos.

Challenges are a part of my life.

Every moment is a reality immortalized by the lens of my camera, a present that will never be repeated in the same way. This is the magic part of every photo –a click, to turn every little or big moment immortal. It is extremely difficult to manage to choose one among them. Each project is special and unique. Inevitably the eyes choose the photo that speaks the most to the soul, but for me every capture carries a story that cannot be deleted.

What I do?

A little bit of my work

I have passion for people.

Every move, every voice, every outfit makes each one of us unique. A picture that sometimes smiles and sometimes is sad. How many things can be seen through a look. The whole soul, a past, a memory, an experience. My goal is to let the viewer narrate this story with just one picture. Just by looking in the eyes of a man.

Every place I have traveled is a life experience.

The top of a mountain on a sunny day, the cold waters of a lake, the birds singing, the snow on the leaves of the trees. Each season defines the birth and death of a story. Each shot freezes the time and keeps life awake. Each path leads to a new journey that I am looking forward to keeping alive.

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